About Me - Marci
About Me
Nicknamed “Smiley” by Sister Anne at my pre-school program at the St. Michael’s
School in Fall River over 30 years ago, I learned just how powerful a smile could be.
Because of this I have always had a desire to capture people at the happiest of times.

Every expression that can be captured in a photograph is priceless.  Special moments
are around us all the time: babies being born, first communions, birthdays, weddings,
or just gathering with the family for dinner or a special portrait session. I’m only a click
away from giving you a precious memento that will last a lifetime.

Long after the babies are off to high school, the birthday candles have been blown out,
and the wedding dress has been preserved, you will always have the memories
captured through my camera lens.
Telephone: 508.498.3284