7/7/12 – Peter And Amy Matheny Wedding Reception

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This was an extremly fun wedding. Fun was had by all. This was another wedding at a historic location this time is Sturbridge, MA at the Publik House. I arrived around 4:15pm and did not have to start loading in until 5:00pm. I went inside to take a look around to see the room I was DJing in. It was an old Barn that was done really nicely for events. Very high cellings. I met the DJ who DJed the wedding before mine his name was Jordan Lynch of Connecticut’s DJ Entertainment. He was packing up and I was chatting with him about what he runs for a system and told me his QSC stuff was loaded into his Pathfinder and he just decieded to bring his trailer instead that had his backup gear and extra speakers. He also menchined to me he ran the QSC KLA series with a KW181 Sub for the wedding he just finished and that was something to see. I have always like that line just a bit pricey for me. He also menchined he ran Serato so his rig was small just like mine. After about 20 mins he was packed up and on his way back to Connecticut. I started loading in and talked to Josh the Matre’d and his crew struck the table for me since I use my own that I custom made.

After about 30 mins loading in I starting setting up. Got everything done in an hour and 1/2 taking my time.

Above picture was final setup. This has become my Advanced Package.

I started to hear the string quartet which ment we were close to 8pm when I was going to start. I usually will wear something to setup in so I do not ruin my formal clothing. around 7:45pm Josh opened the doors and I started playing dinner music while the guests entered. around 8:05 I lined up the bridal party which was short only 10 people.

Dinner service was great. The photographers were great to work with as well and to my surprise there was 2. I usually only end up working with one. Normally I put a time line together. I suggest that her and Josh put it together since this was my first time working at the Publik House. I ended up getting a copy which was nice.

After I introduced the bridal party Amys mom Janet got up and gave a very nice welcome speech. Then we had 2 courses served and then we did the cake cutting.  Then we had the main course of Stuffed Baked Chicken or Baked Fish. Shortly there after we had the toast by the Brides Father and then the Best Man. We then proceded into the first dance and the Father/ Daughter Dance. The groom was not fond of doing a Mother/ Son Dance so we ommitted it and he ended up dancing with his mom about half way through Amy and her dads dance which I thought was really nice.

I started the open dancing off with the Bridal Party dance and then went into open dancing. I could tell everyone was ready to have a good time from my introductions cause I did not have to ask there guests to make noise a second time.

Amy also wanted to have a guest last dance and then have all the guests join them for the last dance before the evening ended. The night ended around 11:30pm. I was home by 2:30am so it was a really long day for me.

In the end the  Peter, Amy and there guest had a great time.

6/30/12 – Jessica and Bryan Rego Wedding

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This was a very interesting wedding. It took place in Historic Bristol, RI right before there 4th Of July Festivities. On Friday, June 29th I meet both Bryan and Jessica at noon on site to take a look and see how things would be layed out since I was doing music for the Ceremony, Cocktail, Dinner and Dancing parts of the night.

The layout was nice, wished I would have take a few pictures. It was extremly humid being right on the water front under a tent. She had a company come in a hang Chinese Lanterns. She also highered in a Steel Drum artist for before the ceremony and for cocktail hour in the cabin that was on a hill.

Early afternoon was really nice in Bristol. I left a little early in case of traffice but there really was none so I have not been there in a long time so I drove the parade route and it was decorated beautfully. I then headed over to Mount Hope Farm to start loading in.

When I got there it was the same time as the caterers who were also running the bar that night. They explained the tent company screwed up putting the floor down. As soon as the Bride and Groom arrived she was upset cause of the layout and I just reminded her that if that is the only thing that goes wrong today it was a really good day and not to sweat it, we will make it work.

I started playing music for the Ceremony a little early around 4:20 or so. Ceremony was starting at 5:00pm. Guests slowly started trickling in and the ceremony started a few minutes late due some late arriving guests and that was ok. Jessica is a very big Disney person so her choice for the Ceremony music was all Disney songs.

After the Ceremony they had a small cocktail hour at the cabin on the hill overlooking the tent for the reception. During the Cocktail hour the father of the bride arranged for a Mickey and Minnie to show up and that was a nice touch.

At around 6:00 pm I lined up our bridal party and every one was ready for the fun to start. They decieded to go with a Will Smith themed Entrance. It was pretty cool. Songs ranging from his days in the 80’s up till the early 90’s and it was really different. Due to some logistics issues I had to play a song while I moved a speaker so both would be under the tent. We did the 1st dance right off the bat and they picked Rhythm Of Love/ Can’t Help Falling In Love by Straight No Chaser which is a vocal group with no instruments they each do different instruments with there voices….

The speechs were great, the Maid of Honor the Brides Sister talked about how Bryan had planned on proposing in Disney on one of there trips. Then the best man went and his speech was up there as well. Dinner went a little long and that is ok cause they had stations of Beef and Chicken, many different types of Potatoes and Deserts.

After  the bride and groom walked the tent for a bit we did the cake cutting and formalities. They bought some glow necklaces which was a nice touch for open dancing. Once the dancing started the energy stayed there until it was time to end at 10:30 since there is a noise ordinance in Bristol. Overall it was one of the best weddings that I have done outside in a long time.

Keep checking back for the play list from that night…..