10/18/14 – ALS North Shore Walk to Defeat ALS

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This blog is dedicated to anyone who currently has, lost there battle with, care takers and loved ones of  Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or more commonly known as  Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Here is just some basic information about ALS. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Eventually, people with ALS lose the ability to initiate and control muscle movement, which often leads to total paralysis and death within two to five years of diagnosis. For unknown reasons, veterans are twice as likely to develop ALS as the general population. There is no cure, and only one drug approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) modestly extends survival.


  • Every 90 minutes someone is diagnosed with ALS, and every 90 minutes someone loses their battle to this fatal disease
  • The average life span after diagnosis is 2-5 years
  • Military veterans are twice as likely as the general population to die from ALS
  • Living with ALS can cost more than $200,000 per year


Ever since I was young I wanted to do something extremely positive in my life. That is one thing I can say my family really instilled well in to me. I have gone through some pain and suffering over the last 16 of my 36 years of life so far. One of these events had a very profound effect on my life. At the time I did not know it but I would be handed a gift that will live on forever.

In April of 2006 I met the person that would forever change my life. That person is my wife Marci. She is always there for me like the rock I was for my family. She always has a smile on her face. She faces adversary in a way I have never seen and seldom ever cries or gets upset. During the summer, fall and winter of 2006 I got to know her dad Ray. He was funny, witty and could always make everyone smile. There were times I felt like he was a step dad to me when just having a casual conversation at one of his 4th of July cookouts he loved to have.

Sadly in 2010 we got some very devastating news. I remember the day really well. Marcis dad had been sick and the local area doctors could not figure out what was going on. Marci is the kind of person that takes charge of something when it really needs to be. She felt like they were not getting any answers so she called her Dads Dr. to see if he had any answers. She got some grave news that he could possibly have ALS. From her blog on her ALS page she writes “I remember when the Doctor told me he thought my father may have ALS.  I said so what’s the treatment like, his words hit me like a Mac Truck, “There is no treatment, it’s a progressive disease.”  Have you ever had to tell someone you love that they might have a disease that has no cure and their life expectancy at their age is another 2 years, maybe?” I got a phone call shortly there after with her crying uncontrollably. What can a husband say at a moment like that? To be honest nothing. I even started to cry, was in disbelief and denial all at once. I said to myself no not him.

Finally he went to Rhode Island Hospital to see a specialist. Had some very specific tests done and it was confirmed. He did have ALS. I do have to say I have never seen a family come together like my own in a time of urgency like this.

Over the 5 years I saw a person who built things with his bare hands (such as the house I live in), loved to fix cars, loved German Shepard’s and most of loved his family more than anything else in the world. Every time we would visit him (my wife Marci (his oldest daughter), Mindi (his youngest daughter), Jordan (Mindi’s son) and myself) he would light up like the only thing that mattered was Jordan. Everything else could fall apart and Jordan would bring him joy like I never saw.

Sadly we lost him on July 28th, 2011.

My wife put on her blog “When my father first passed away, I was angry and had a lot of fury and started our Ray of Hope Team and did a Walk To Defeat ALS three short months after his funeral.  The second year rolled around and I was in denial, I was still angry, confused, heartbroken and I didn’t have the courage and strength to think about all this fundraising stuff because to think about it meant to relive my pain more than I was.  The second year came and went and yep, still not thinking about it more than I had to.  During this time, my husband partnered with the ALS Massachusetts Chapter and has been their DJ for the 3 walks they hold each year and I sit home embarrassed that I have done nothing but wallow in my own grief.”

The year I was apart of Team Ray Of Hope walking to defeat ALS was an interesting one. I liked what I saw and who was there. All kinds of teams were there from all walks of life. All for one cause. A cause that gets over looked by a lot of people. While I was there I noticed there was a DJ on site playing music and taking requests. I thought how great would it be if I could do at even just 1 of the walks. My father in law loved it when we had a party of some kind and I was DJing it. Specially when I played a few of his favorite artists. I decided right then and there to find out who was in charge of the walks and see if I could DJ for at least one of them. When I started talking to the event coordinator and she found out that my father in law passed away we had an instant connection.

Ever since then (2 years ago now) I am proud to say I have done the Worcester, North Shore and Boston Walks to Defeat ALS. Each one is in unique. The best part is getting to meet all the wonderful volunteers that help with Registration, Food & a few other booths at the walks.

I am also proud to say that my wife has had a renewed fight to help raise awareness and funding for the ALSA. I honestly believe that it was due to the ice bucket challenge that went viral in the spring of 2014. This past North Shore Walk Peter Fretes mom Nancy was a guest speaker. I did not realize that they were from Beverly, MA. All I knew about the ice bucket challenge was it originated in MA by someone who has ALS.

Please make sure to check out the following websites.

To read more about ALS: http://www.alsa.org/about-als/

To read more about Team Ray Of Hope: http://web.alsa.org/site/TR/Walks/Massachusetts?px=3197852&pg=personal&fr_id=10173#.VEVSd–meoC



2/21/14 – Walter Moniz 40th Birthday Party

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This past Friday, February 21st, 2014 I DJed for Walter Moniz Surprise 40th Birthday Party. When my Brother In Law called me Tuesday night last week he asked if I was available to DJ an event for him. I saw I was and forgot to ask exactly what kind of an event it was. No biggie I am a professional I can handle it no matter what it could be.

My brother in law Kevin runs the Tabacaria Acoriana (TA) Restaurant. Really great Portuguese food.

I arrived early to have a late lunch around 2:30pm or so. Had some Carne Asada (Pot Roast) with Rice and Potatoes. Around 3:00pm I headed down to the function hall bringing down my equipment. I brought a smaller setup than I normally do.

Walter Moniz 40th Birthday Party

Walter Moniz 40th Birthday Party

People started arriving around 6:00 pm to setup for the party . Before you knew it the hall was filled with about 20-30 people having drinks and chatting while we waited for Walters’ entrance. A few notable people that were there Sam Sutter (Bristol County DA), Mike Lake (Running for MA Lt. Governor), Kevin Aguiar (Former MA State Rep.). I made a few new playlists for dinners hour and it is based on Billboard Hot 100 singles. I was using the one from 1991. Around 7:30 pm he made his grand entrance to Birthday by The Beatles. Someone gave me the signal to lower the music and asked everyone to sing Happy Birthday to him. After that I returned back to my Billboard playlist. I noticed that people were actually singing along and talking about the songs being played. I even had the bartenders singing.

About 8:00 pm or so Kevin brought out the Buffet of Mini-Meatballs in Sauce, Seafood Rice, Chicken Wings, Salad with French and Creamy Italian Dressings and Portuguese Bread. After everyone went through we had a few speeches from Kevin Aguiar and Walter himself we cut the cake. I played the traditional Happy Birthday song and everyone sang along. The waitstaff removed the cake and table to the back to cut it up and served it with ice cream. I started the open dancing portion of the night until about 11:30 pm and played anything from 80’s and 90’s dance music, a few club songs from Louie DeVito.


Overall I give this event 4 out of 5 stars.


6/21/13 – 2013 Relay For Life of Greater Taunton

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Relay Logo


This event an touches me in more than one way…. I lost my Grandmother and Uncle to Cancer.. I have made it a goal in my life that I should give back when I can… This is one small way…

This years theme was Birthday since it is the 100 year anniversary of the ACS. They decided to do a decade hours sponsored by different teams…

Event Listing



A few days before hand I recieved this via email and it was nice to see it was going to be a slow pace…. Music all night all long with very little extra’s.


I arrived on site at 3:00 pm to start setting up and decide to try a new setup for this year…


I had music playing by 4:15 and it was nice. After I got my main playing volume I walked the track to see if my new mics would work and no matter where I went the mics worked really well…

At 5:00 pm the wellness tent which is a great thing to have on site. Anything you wanted to know how about being healthy and cancer stuff…

At 5:30 pm the CPS-3 Testing tent opened up. It was great to know that this year that we had on site testing.

At 6:00 pm Opening Ceremonies/ Survivors Lap, Followed by the Survivors dinner. Below are pictures of the Opening Ceremonies and the survivors lap.







Taunton Relay For Life Committee Taunton Jr ROTC   Survivors Lap


7:00 pm I started playing a few hours of open music.

A lot of requests were being made during this time. You name the era I played it.

My wife and nephew came by. A couple of class mates of his happen to be there so for a few hours they played before they went home.


9:30 pm the LUMINARIA CEREMONY took place and it was beautiful as usual.



10:00 pm I started an hour of Line Dancing and I could not believe how many people came out to do them. It actually last a whole hour…

11:00 pm I started playing another hour of open music… I started taking more requests.

Midnight we had the Zumba hour at the requests of the instructors instead of 6:00 am.

Midnight Zumba

1:00 am was the 2000s HOUR SPONSORED BY TEAM C.A.R.R.

2:00 am was the 90s HOUR SPONSORED BY TEAM K.F.N.W.






Team Dominos


Due to 60’s and 50’s music being short in length so the music ran a little short so at 6:00 am I start playing open music and starting playing requests as well until we had the closing ceremonies at 8:00 am.


1/12/13 – Golden Living Center (Garden Place) Christmas Party

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I have been DJing for Golden Living Center – Garden Place in Attleboro now going on atleast 5 years. I have done all kinds events for them ranging from the Annual Christmas Party to on site activites.

It has been alot of fun throughout the years. This year we were back at the Attleboro Elks Lodge… I love this location for its sheer size. It has 4 rooms. 2 Main 40-50 person halls and 2 smaller ones in the back.

This year I am adding a new feature to all my party packages to try and set myself apart from other DJ Companies in the area. The new feature is Music Videos. They can take an event to a new level. In the last year or so Music Videos have gone from being a Club Staple to a Mainstream thing DJs could add to an event.

This past Saturday at the Golden Living Center Christmas Party was my first event of the year with Music Videos instead of Music Only and I will be the first to admit that sometimes implimenting something new does not go without have some sort of issues and such was this night. They were not that big of issues. I am getting all the kinks worked out using a new laptop with Music Videos… The issue did not stop the event from not me being able to play music or anything like that. More that the laptop would stop displaying the Music Videos on the TV’s I have setup.

We had really nice Buffet of Salad, Baked Zitti, Swedish & Itlian Meatballs, BBQ Chicken, Deserts, Coffee and a full bar. I was suprised that the Bar still had Sam Adams Winter Larger still on draft. During an event I do not drink. I will usually have one when the bar first opens up and usual it is a beer to relax at event like this one.

The night went smooth and even got a few requests. Biggest request was Gangnam Style by PSY. As usual the Disco – 80’s Music where the biggest hits….


6/15/2012 – 2012 Relay For Life of Greater Taunton

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This was a very very fun event. I have been touched personally by both cancer and ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease), so I will do what I can personally to help both the ALS Foundation and ACS out at relays.

This event was held at Bristol Plymouth Regional Technical School from 5:00pm on Friday, June 15th to 9:00 am on Saturday, June 16th.

Sara Watkins was very instrumental in how the event ran. I believe she had a committee of about 10 or so people helping her out organizing it.

I arrived on site around 3pm to start unload for the opening ceremony at 5pm. She had explained to me in the planning stages that they were going to have a band play right after the opening ceremony and that was great. Give everyone there to raise money some different kinds of entertainment.

I got unloaded and setup a larger sound system than usual cause it was on the track around the football field. So I had a very large area to cover for announcements and music.

At 4:15pm I was ready to go so I started playing some classic rock that I really love and I did notice that other people were sing along while I was making sure it could be heard throughout the football field and around the track.

at 5pm began the opening ceremony. Even Mayor Hoye was there to give a speech. The lead singer of the band playing that night (Past Imperfect) said a few words and I found out he was a cancer survivor.

Right after the opening ceremony was finished the committee had me play Martina McBrides “I’m Gonna Love You Through It” was a very touching song that I listened to once before when adding it to my music collection when it was release but never realized what it was about. That subject happens to be about someone who finds out they have cancer. All I know as I listened to the song I started to cry like I am right now writing this blog. Cancer is no job and a tough thing to go through. I was really glad they chose that song for the survivors lap. Then I follow that up with the inspiring “I’m A Survivor” by Reba McEntire. Everyone was singing along with that one as well…

After the few laps they did at that time Past Imperfect came on and played from about 6:30pm or so till 10:00pm… I played some tunes during the 2 breaks they took. They were all over the music genre’s from Jimmy Buffet to Jimmy Eat World to Lit… I really liked listening to them alot.

Sara also had given me a scheduled of how the night was going to run.

Around 8pm or so when it was dark we had a luminaries ceremony which touched my heart cause my Uncle and Grandmother both passed away from different forms of cancer. They asked me to play some bag pipe music cause orginally they were going to have one on site. I ended up playing like 4 songs. Starting it off with Amazing Grace which was very fitting.

Each team that wanted to could sponsor a lap and they could do something with that hour. Each lap was a lot of fun. The relay committee started it off with a Quarter Lap which meant if you brought quarters with you they wanted you to put them on the track on a white line and see how many quarters they would get and they all would be donated to ACS.

To be honest I can not remember every lap that we did but here is what I do remember.

Tim Sousa who is a Cancer Survivor and published author had a Poem hour. At first there was only 1 or 2 that signed up but as the start time approached he end up with 10 entry’s. He ended up decided to publish all of them in his next book that will be out shortly.

Team Dunkin Donuts sponsored 2 different hours. One was Going back to being a kid with different games such as Potato Sack Race which someone actually went all the way around the track in the sack and he got the nickname after that called potato sack boy, Shoe toss, Three Legged Race and a few others. The other hour they sponsored was Minute to Win it. They did Pie Eating contest in which Tim took part.

One of the teams not sure which one but they did Line Dances and had a Group come up and perform. Both parts were great….

We had a talent contest and had some great sports that went up and Sang and did Gymnastics.

I play requests from about 5 different Genre’s of music throughout the night.

Teams that where there are listed below and personally I wanna thank them…

503 Participants.  42 Teams.  $96,655 Raised.

1 Walk, Fight, Win
2 Lima’s TKD Kickers for a Cure
3  MCC – Multi Colors for a Cure
4 Dunkin Donuts
5 Keep on Trucking
6 Ebony + Ivory
7 Butterflies of Hope
8 Generation Hope
9 Team Life
10 Bay Street OBGYN
11 THS Student Council
12 West Conquet
13 Team TanMan
14 BP SPNs
15 Pollywalkers
16 St. Andrew the Apostle
18 Team Awesomeness
20 Never Left Alone
22 Team Fearless
23 Team Brian
25 C.A.R.R.
26 Team Bri
27 Phoenix
28 Taunton HS Key Club
29 Taunton Jaycees
30 Here’s 2 Healing Hearts
32 Team Travel Experience
33 Cancer Crusaders
34 Team Rue’s Crew
35 Fishing for Fluke
36 Lifesavers
37 Hoyes for Hope
38 Friends of Fran
39 Team Dominoes
40 Freitas Family & Friends
41 Team BCAN
42 Team Chaves

Images from Sara Watkins and David Mires


Ocean Spray Whale Watch

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Last night was great. We got to see over 20 different Hump Back Whales. One even accidentally hit our boat as it dove… I have been on a lot of outings for corporate events but this has topped most of them….  We left Plymouth Harbor around 4:15pm and the seas were calm.  We had a naturalist on board and she gave us a lot of in site on how the Whales get named and what their names were…  Even the plant manager came up to me and said that I impressed his 11 year old daughter and that i played at least 1 song from every genre…. I was impressed with this due to I made an 11 year girl happy… My job as the entertainment at any event is to make as many people as possible happy… Sometimes you have bad events and others you make everyone happy….. Happens all the time…

Biggest requests of the night:

Freak-a-Zoid by Midnightstar

Summertime By DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

My Heart Will Go On By Celine Dion

Love Boat Theme By Jack Jones