1/12/13 – Golden Living Center (Garden Place) Christmas Party

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I have been DJing for Golden Living Center – Garden Place in Attleboro now going on atleast 5 years. I have done all kinds events for them ranging from the Annual Christmas Party to on site activites.

It has been alot of fun throughout the years. This year we were back at the Attleboro Elks Lodge… I love this location for its sheer size. It has 4 rooms. 2 Main 40-50 person halls and 2 smaller ones in the back.

This year I am adding a new feature to all my party packages to try and set myself apart from other DJ Companies in the area. The new feature is Music Videos. They can take an event to a new level. In the last year or so Music Videos have gone from being a Club Staple to a Mainstream thing DJs could add to an event.

This past Saturday at the Golden Living Center Christmas Party was my first event of the year with Music Videos instead of Music Only and I will be the first to admit that sometimes implimenting something new does not go without have some sort of issues and such was this night. They were not that big of issues. I am getting all the kinks worked out using a new laptop with Music Videos… The issue did not stop the event from not me being able to play music or anything like that. More that the laptop would stop displaying the Music Videos on the TV’s I have setup.

We had really nice Buffet of Salad, Baked Zitti, Swedish & Itlian Meatballs, BBQ Chicken, Deserts, Coffee and a full bar. I was suprised that the Bar still had Sam Adams Winter Larger still on draft. During an event I do not drink. I will usually have one when the bar first opens up and usual it is a beer to relax at event like this one.

The night went smooth and even got a few requests. Biggest request was Gangnam Style by PSY. As usual the Disco – 80’s Music where the biggest hits….