2/21/14 – Walter Moniz 40th Birthday Party

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This past Friday, February 21st, 2014 I DJed for Walter Moniz Surprise 40th Birthday Party. When my Brother In Law called me Tuesday night last week he asked if I was available to DJ an event for him. I saw I was and forgot to ask exactly what kind of an event it was. No biggie I am a professional I can handle it no matter what it could be.

My brother in law Kevin runs the Tabacaria Acoriana (TA) Restaurant. Really great Portuguese food.

I arrived early to have a late lunch around 2:30pm or so. Had some Carne Asada (Pot Roast) with Rice and Potatoes. Around 3:00pm I headed down to the function hall bringing down my equipment. I brought a smaller setup than I normally do.

Walter Moniz 40th Birthday Party

Walter Moniz 40th Birthday Party

People started arriving around 6:00 pm to setup for the party . Before you knew it the hall was filled with about 20-30 people having drinks and chatting while we waited for Walters’ entrance. A few notable people that were there Sam Sutter (Bristol County DA), Mike Lake (Running for MA Lt. Governor), Kevin Aguiar (Former MA State Rep.). I made a few new playlists for dinners hour and it is based on Billboard Hot 100 singles. I was using the one from 1991. Around 7:30 pm he made his grand entrance to Birthday by The Beatles. Someone gave me the signal to lower the music and asked everyone to sing Happy Birthday to him. After that I returned back to my Billboard playlist. I noticed that people were actually singing along and talking about the songs being played. I even had the bartenders singing.

About 8:00 pm or so Kevin brought out the Buffet of Mini-Meatballs in Sauce, Seafood Rice, Chicken Wings, Salad with French and Creamy Italian Dressings and Portuguese Bread. After everyone went through we had a few speeches from Kevin Aguiar and Walter himself we cut the cake. I played the traditional Happy Birthday song and everyone sang along. The waitstaff removed the cake and table to the back to cut it up and served it with ice cream. I started the open dancing portion of the night until about 11:30 pm and played anything from 80’s and 90’s dance music, a few club songs from Louie DeVito.


Overall I give this event 4 out of 5 stars.